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Dive into the Future: Smart Pool Upgrades with Apple Pools Box Hill South

Here at Apple Pools, Box Hill South, we’re passionate about creating the ultimate swimming experience. Technology is constantly evolving, and the pool industry is no exception. So, ditch the manual pool checks and embrace the future with smart pool upgrades!

Effortless Efficiency: Smart Automation Takes Centre Stage

Imagine a world where your pool practically takes care of itself. Well, with smart pool automation systems, that dream becomes a reality. These systems allow you to remotely control various pool functions from your smartphone or tablet, including:

Water Filtration

Set automatic cleaning schedules that ensure crystal-clear water 24/7. No more forgetting to turn on the pump – your pool will run efficiently, keeping it sparkling clean.

Chemical Dosing

Say goodbye to the hassle of manually testing and adjusting chlorine levels. Smart dosing systems automatically monitor and maintain the perfect chemical balance, keeping your pool safe and healthy for you and your family.

Lighting Control

Set the mood for a relaxing evening swim with colour-changing LED lights that can be controlled remotely. Create a vibrant pool party atmosphere or a calming ambiance with just a tap on your phone.

Temperature Regulation

Extend your swimming season with smart pool heaters that can be turned on or off remotely. No more waiting for the pool to heat up – enjoy a refreshing swim whenever you desire.

Beyond Automation: Innovation Meets Fun

Smart pool technology goes beyond just automation. Here are some cutting-edge features that will transform your backyard into a high-tech haven:

In-Pool Entertainment

Imagine underwater speakers that play your favourite music while you swim. Several new pool speaker systems seamlessly integrate with your smart home devices, creating a truly immersive experience.

Interactive Features

Take a dip into the future with interactive pool games projected onto the pool floor. These innovative systems provide endless entertainment for kids and adults alike, making pool time even more engaging.

Safety and Security

Advanced pool alarms can be integrated with smart home systems, sending real-time alerts to your phone if someone enters the pool unexpectedly. These features provide an extra layer of peace of mind, especially for families with young children.

Ready to Upgrade Your Pool with Apple Pools?

At Apple Pools Box Hill South, we are your one-stop shop for all things smart pool upgrades. This is just a sample of the evolving technology, our experienced team can guide you through the latest technologies and tailor a solution to your specific needs and budget. Transform your backyard into a high-tech oasis – contact Apple Pools Box Hill South today and let’s dive into the future of swimming pools together! Email or call us on 03 9890 0778, you can visit our pool shop at – 899a Canterbury Rd, Box Hill South, Victoria.

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