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Contact us immediately! Early leak detection minimises damage and repair costs. We offer expert leak detection services to pinpoint the source quickly and make the necessary repairs.

Depending on the size or severity of the hole/s, repair is often possible. We’ll asses the same and recommend the best solution, including replacement if necessary.

Both have pros and cons. Sand filters are generally more durable and require less frequent cleaning, while cartridge filters are easier to maintain but need replacing more often. We can help you choose the best fit for your pool.

Whilst solar is eco-friendly it may not be sufficient in cooler clients. Our premium heat pumps bring you the joy of heated swimming all year-round.

Salt water systems produce gentle, natural chlorine, reducing irritation and chlorine odour. They're also easier to maintain compared to traditional chlorine tablets.

Absolutely! We offer a range of pool automation systems that control filtration, cleaning, and even lighting, making pool care effortless.

We specialise in ecoFinish, a revolutionary new pool coating system, and waterline retiling, providing a fresh look without a major overhaul. We can also discuss other options based on your preferences and budget.

Yes, we offer industry standard warranties on all our pool repairs, so you can have peace of mind.

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