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Pool Equipment Repairs in Melbourne

We Fix All Pool Equipment
& Replace Parts If Required!


Don't let malfunctioning equipment put a damper on your poolside fun! Our expert technicians at Apple Pools can troubleshoot any issue, from sluggish circulation to erratic temperature control, you can trust us to have your pool back in peak performance in no time.


Pump Problems?

We'll diagnose and fix any issue, from worn bearings to malfunctioning timers, ensuring your pool water keeps flowing smoothly.

Filter Issues?

Clogged cartridges, dirty sand, or faulty valves are no match for our filter-cleaning expertise. We'll have your water crystal clear and sparkling once again..

Chlorinator Troubles?

Whether it's a malfunctioning chlorinator or imbalanced chemical levels, we'll identify the culprit and get your chlorine levels back in the sweet spot for safe and healthy swimming.

Heater Glitches?

Struggling to maintain the perfect pool temperature? We'll diagnose and recommend a quality repairer, from faulty igniters to malfunctioning thermostats.

Regular Pool Maintenance

  • Water quality testing and adjustments

  • Pool cleaning services

  • Regular and casual pool maintenance and servicing

  • Pool equipment

  • Friendly staff in-store who are always happy to help

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