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Pool Renovations in Melbourne

Give your pool a fresh new look
without breaking the bank!


Apple Pools offers creative and affordable ways to revitalise your pool without diving
into the deep end of your budget. From a vibrant splash of retiling at the waterline
to a refreshing coat of paint in a trendy new hue, we have budget-friendly solutions
to transform your tired pool into a stunning centrepiece. Plus we also specialise in
EcoFinish coating which extends the life of your pool and gives it a new lease on life.
Call Apple Pools today and discover how to give your pool a fresh new look, without
breaking the bank!

Benefits of EcoFinish

Dreaming of a sparkling pool with minimal upkeep? EcoFinish Coating from Apple Pools is the answer! This revolutionary pool coating extends the lifespan of your pool to over 100 years, while its smooth, non-porous surface makes maintenance a breeze. Say goodbye to constant cleaning and hello to more time swimming and enjoying your backyard oasis. Upgrade your pool with EcoFinish today!


Unmatched Durability

EcoFinish boasts a lifespan exceeding 100 years, making it a truly investment-grade upgrade for your pool.


Effortless Maintenance

Unlike traditional finishes, EcoFinish requires minimal cleaning, thanks to its smooth, non-porous surface.


Stunning Aesthetics

Enjoy a a beautiful and vibrant pool finish that complements your backyard for years to come.


Long-lasting Colour

EcoFinish is resistant to fading and discoloration, ensuring your pool continues to look its best.


Chemical Resistant

EcoFinish maintains its integrity even with exposure to pool chemicals.


pH Neutral

EcoFinish won't affect your pool's water chemistry, making it easier to maintain optimal balance.

Experience the EcoFinish difference with Apple Pools! Contact us today to learn
more about this revolutionary pool coating system.

Benefits of repainting Your Pool

Is your pool's colour fading faster than your summer tan? Give it a vibrant makeover with Apple Pools' expert repainting! We offer a splash of options:


Pick your perfect shade

Dive into our rainbow of pool paints, from classic blues to trendy greys. Let your personality shine!


Built to last

We use top-quality, sun-resistant paints so your pool stays vibrant through summer splashes and scorching days.


Flawless finish

Our professional technicians meticulously prepare the surface for a smooth, chip-free finish.


Leakproof promise

We don't just paint, we protect. Expect watertight seals and crack repairs for a healthy, happy pool.


Stress-free service

We handle everything from colour choice to clean-up. Relax and enjoy the transformation!


Personalised plan

Every pool is special. We'll assess yours, discuss your vision, and find the perfect painting solution for your budget.

Waterline Pool Retiling


Cracked tiles, faded colours, tired aesthetic?

Let Apple Pools transform your pool's waterline with a stunning makeover!
We're Melbourne's premier destination for expert retiling, offering a range of options to turn your pool into the envy of the neighbourhood.

Waterline retiling isn't just about aesthetics.

Our skilled technicians ensure a seamless installation, guaranteeing a watertight seal and leak prevention. Your pool will function flawlessly while looking fabulous.

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