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Extend the Life of Your Pool with EcoFinish!

EcoFinish is The Revolutionary Pool Coating


Apple Pools is proud to offer EcoFinish, the future of swimming pool finishes!

This innovative coating technology is taking Aussie backyards by storm, offering a stunning and worry-free maintenance solution for your pool.

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What is EcoFinish?


EcoFinish is a revolutionary pool coating system that utilises advanced polymeric compounds.

Unlike traditional finishes, EcoFinish boasts a lifespan exceeding 100 years, making it a truly investment-grade pool upgrade.

Benefits of EcoFinish for Box Hill Pools

Unmatched Durability

Enjoy a pool surface that resists staining, fading, and degradation for over a century. EcoFinish is the ultimate long-term solution for Box Hill pool owners.

Minimal Maintenance

Say goodbye to constant upkeep! EcoFinish’s Teflon-like surface repels dirt and algae, minimising cleaning requirements and chemical usage.

Water Chemistry Friendly

EcoFinish maintains a
pH-neutral balance, eliminating the need for waterline tiles and simplifying water maintenance routines.

Faster Installation

Compared to traditional finishes, EcoFinish cures quickly, getting you back to enjoying your pool sooner.

Aesthetic Appeal

EcoFinish™ comes in a wide variety of stunning colours and textures, allowing you to customize your Box Hill pool to perfectly match your vision.

To check out EcoFinish's wide range of stunning colours and textures click here

Why Choose Apple Pools for Your EcoFinish Installation?

Authorised Dealer

We are a certified EcoFinish installer, ensuring your pool receives the highest quality application by trained professionals.


Our team at Apple Pools possesses extensive experience in pool renovations and resurfacing, guaranteeing a flawless EcoFinish installation for your pool.

Warranty Support

We stand behind EcoFinish industry-leading warranty, providing you with peace of mind.
To view warranty details click here.

Ready to transform your pool with EcoFinish?


Contact Apple Pools today for a free consultation and quote! Let us help you create a beautiful and hassle-free swimming pool for your backyard oasis.

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