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Enjoy Your Pool Year-Round with Heat Pumps!

With pool heat pumps from Apple Pools in Box Hill, Victoria, you can extend your swimming season and enjoy the pleasures of your pool year-round. Say goodbye to shivering and chilly dips – a heat pump is the perfect solution for transforming your backyard oasis into a haven of year-round comfort.

Extending Your Swim Season: The Power of Pool Heat Pumps

At Apple Pools, we understand the allure of an enjoyable swim, no matter the time of year. That’s why we offer a premium selection of pool heat pumps from two of the most trusted names in the industry: AES and Insnrg. These innovative heat pumps work tirelessly to extract heat from the surrounding air, efficiently transferring it to your pool water. This eco-friendly and cost-effective technology allows you to enjoy a warm and inviting pool, even during the cooler months.

Early Bird Swims or Late Night Dips: The Choice is Yours

Whether you’re an early riser yearning for an invigorating pre-dawn swim or a night owl craving a relaxing late-night plunge, a pool heat pump from Apple Pools caters to your preferences. With consistent and reliable heating, you can finally ditch the worry of the outside temperature and create a personalised swimming experience that fits your lifestyle.

Leading Brands, Exceptional Performance

At Apple Pools, we’re committed to providing our customers with the best possible products and service. That’s why we proudly stock heat pumps from AES and Insnrg. Both brands are renowned for their:

Exceptional performance: Enjoy reliable heating that efficiently warms your pool water, ensuring optimal comfort throughout the year.

Unwavering reliability: Peace of mind comes standard with our heat pumps. You can rest assured knowing you’re investing in a product built to last.

Long-lasting value: Our heat pumps are not only energy-efficient, but also deliver exceptional value for money, saving you on heating costs in the long run.

Transforming Your Backyard Oasis

A pool heat pump is more than just pool equipment; it’s an investment in your enjoyment and well-being. By extending your swimming season, you can create lasting memories with family and friends, host unforgettable pool parties, and simply bask in the year-round pleasure of a warm and inviting pool.

Experience the Apple Pools Difference

At Apple Pools in Box Hill, we’re passionate about helping you create the perfect backyard oasis. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff can guide you through the process of choosing the ideal pool heat pump for your needs and budget. We also offer expert installation services to ensure your heat pump is up and running seamlessly.

Don’t let the cooler months limit your pool enjoyment. Contact Apple Pools today and discover how a pool heat pump can transform your backyard into a haven of year-round comfort and endless aquatic fun!

Email or call us on 03 9890 0778, you can visit our pool shop at – 899a Canterbury Rd, Box Hill South, Victoria.

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