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Don’t Believe the Marketing Spin – Choosing the Right Heat Pump For Your Pool!

Melbourne’s unpredictable weather can make enjoying your pool a gamble. Chilly mornings and evenings often leave the water uninviting, limiting your pool’s use. Here’s where heat pumps come in, promising an extended swimming season. But with so much conflicting information and marketing jargon, choosing the right heat pump can feel overwhelming. Here at Apple Pools in Box Hill, we’re passionate about helping you make informed decisions.

Cutting Through the Heat Pump Hype

Unfortunately, there’s no single Australian standard for heat pumps. This allows some suppliers to make exaggerated claims and twist figures to promote their products. Deciphering the information can be tricky, especially when considering the Coefficient of Performance (COP). This number reflects a heat pump’s efficiency – the higher the COP, the less energy it consumes and the lower your running costs. However, COP can vary depending on factors like water temperature and ambient air temperature.

Understanding Heat Pump Options

There are three main types of heat pumps:

  • Single/Fixed Speed: These are the most basic and least efficient models. They run at a constant speed, regardless of outside conditions.
  • Step Inverter: These offer a step-up in efficiency. They can adjust their speed in a few pre-set stages based on the pool’s needs.
  • Full Inverter: These are the top-of-the-line models for efficiency. They continuously adjust their speed to match the current temperature, optimising performance and minimising energy consumption. Full inverter models can be up to 150% more efficient than fixed speed units.

Top Discharge Units: A Smarter Choice

When choosing a heat pump, consider a top discharge unit. These models expel cool air upwards, preventing it from being re-absorbed and impacting performance. This is especially crucial in cooler months when the cooler air tends to sink, affecting side discharge units. Additionally, top discharge units have a smaller footprint, making them ideal for retrofitting into existing spaces.

Pool Covers: A Simple Savings Strategy

Did you know if you don’t have a cover on your pool, you could be paying up to 3 times more in electricity charges? A pool cover helps retain heat, minimising the energy needed to keep your pool sparkling and inviting. It helps ensure your heat pump is operating optimally and energy efficiently. Plus, as an extra bonus, the cover also helps with evaporation during the warmer months.

Sizing Up Your Needs for Optimal Performance

Don’t underestimate the importance of proper sizing. An undersized heat pump will struggle to maintain your desired water temperature, leading to frustration and higher energy bills. To ensure optimal performance, consult with a pool professional to determine the ideal size for your pool and desired temperature range.

Choosing the Right Supplier: Expertise Makes the Difference

For the best heat pump experience, look beyond pool companies that offer heat pumps as an afterthought. Consider specialising pool heating companies with extensive experience and a commitment to quality. These specialists typically focus on a curated selection of reputable brands and models, ensuring you get a product specifically designed for Australian conditions.

Apple Pools & AES: Your Perfect Pool Heating Partnership

At Apple Pools, we understand the importance of informed decisions. That’s why we’ve partnered with Australian Energy Systems (AES), a trusted award-winning name in pool heating for over 23 years. AES prioritises exceptional heat pumps designed specifically for the Australian climate. Their top discharge full inverter models boast exceptional efficiency and reliable performance. Plus, AES offers comprehensive after-sales service, ensuring you have ongoing support for your investment.

The AES Heat Pump – Awarded the SPASA Innovative Product Award 2024

“The vertical exhaust TDI Ultra Heat Pump (Australian Energy Systems) is the most practical solution for pool owners with space constraints. The innovative design, with 270° air intake, ensures the heat pump can be installed in almost any application; without compromising on performance or operating efficiency.”

SPASA Awards

Regular Servicing: Protecting Your Investment

Just like your car, your heat pump requires regular servicing to maintain peak performance and prevent costly breakdowns. Servicing helps identify potential issues like leaks, corrosion, differential settings or faults before they disrupt your pool enjoyment. Regular maintenance also extends the lifespan of your heat pump, protecting your investment.

Making a Splash with Confidence

Don’t let misleading marketing confuse your pool heating decision. By understanding the different types of heat pumps, the benefits of top discharge units, and the importance of proper sizing and servicing, you can make an informed choice. Partnering with a pool heating specialist like Apple Pools and AES ensures you get the best heat pump for your needs, backed by expert advice and ongoing support.

Contact Apple Pools Today!

Let’s make your pool the envy of the neighbourhood with a reliable and efficient heat pump solution. Contact Apple Pools in Box Hill today. Our team will be happy to answer your questions and guide you towards the perfect heat pump to extend your swimming season and create lasting poolside memories. Email or call us on 03 9890 0778, we’re conveniently located at – 899a Canterbury Rd, Box Hill South, Victoria.

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